I made the 2018 TechBeacon DevOps Top 100 list…

... but I actively hid it from people (until now), because, imposter syndrome. Back in June, a tweet tagged me informing me that I'd been honored by being selected to this list. Sure I'd heard of TechBeacon and their top 100 lists so I responded with a simple "Thank you. It's an honor" response. https://twitter.com/_s_hari/status/1006259287671308288… Continue reading I made the 2018 TechBeacon DevOps Top 100 list…


Microsoft Azure MVP 2018-19

I got the confirmation this morning that I was awarded the Microsoft MVP award for 2018-19, my second (last year's award was a tweener for logistical purposes). It's a honor and privilege to be re-awarded this prestigious honor. My area of focus is Microsoft Azure. Reflecting back, the past 12 months was a fruitful one… Continue reading Microsoft Azure MVP 2018-19

Recap of Orlando Global Azure Bootcamp 2018

The 2018 Orlando edition of Global Azure Bootcamp was held on 21st April at Starter Studio organized by ONETUG. We had over 100 people RSVP to the event and a packed schedule (as seen in this tweet) https://twitter.com/ONETUG/status/985890171626360832 This led to some philosophical discussions on whether a free event can actually sell out. https://twitter.com/jporcenaluk/status/987132595229118464 The… Continue reading Recap of Orlando Global Azure Bootcamp 2018

My first Microsoft MVP Summit 2018

I attended my first ever MVP Summit as a Microsoft MVP in Azure. Even though I got my MVP award back in 2016, I could not attend the summit in 2016 because of scheduling conflicts, there was no summit in 2017 and, so, I vowed to go to this one, regardless of circumstances. To say… Continue reading My first Microsoft MVP Summit 2018

How attending one tech event probably changed my career and life

In late 2001/early half of 2002 (I don't remember the exact date),¬†Microsoft held a launch party for Visual Studio at FSU - one that was well hyped among the students. I distinctly remember attending and getting a free copy of Visual Studio which included among other features - a new language named ¬†C# (new to… Continue reading How attending one tech event probably changed my career and life

Handling accented characters searches

I build dual language systems - English and Spanish. It's my first time building a system in any language other than English and I came across this interesting issue the other day. https://twitter.com/_s_hari/status/953732335073144833 Let's take the name Martinez for this example. I've seen it entered with different case alphabets (upper, lower, mixed, Pascal) and also… Continue reading Handling accented characters searches

How to find outgoing IP addresses for Azure Logic Apps

Let's say you have an Azure Logic app which needs to access resources on the client's on-premise network and the administrator for the 3rd party network wants to only allow specific IP addresses/ranges (a perfectly reasonable request), how will you accomplish this? Let's consider a couple of scenarios: Scenario 1: You have the Azure Logic… Continue reading How to find outgoing IP addresses for Azure Logic Apps