Using app secrets in #dotnetcore console applications

Secret spelled out on Scarbble board

I was writing a sample dotnetcore console application for a talk because why I felt using a sample aspnet core web app was overkill. The app was connecting to a bunch of Azure cloud and 3rd party services (think Twilio API for SMS or LaunchDarkly API for Feature Flags) and I had to deal with… Continue reading Using app secrets in #dotnetcore console applications

Office 365 Outlook Automatic Replies – your very own vacation virtual assistant

Ever go on vacation, only to be bombarded by work emails and meeting invites? What are you supposed to do? Should you respond to these invites with either a. "no" if the meeting is during the vacation, or, b. "yes" if the meeting is after vacation This means you would have to spend precious vacation… Continue reading Office 365 Outlook Automatic Replies – your very own vacation virtual assistant

How to cancel a conference

A few years back I wrote a post titled "So you want to hold a Codecamp?". Looking back at the post, it's still a decent one with foundational steps on going about conducting a free one-day conference. However, that post painted the rosy side of the picture aka how to hold a conference. But what… Continue reading How to cancel a conference

On remote work and time zones

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with a client on the opposite coast. However, this presented its own set of challenges, the primary one being dealing with time zones. So, I naturally learned to adjust my communication to factor in time zones since it would be embarrassing for me to schedule a 2pm call… Continue reading On remote work and time zones