The only thing to fear …

… is an irrational fear of being afraid.

A couple of months ago (January-ish), I volunteered to speak the Orlando .NET code camp of 2013 scheduled on March 17, 2013. My primary goal was to share some of my experiences with the geospatial data types of SQL Server and an assortment of GIS tools and mapping software I’ve worked on over the years. However, I had a problem, fear of speaking in public a.k.a glossophobia.

So, I decided to dig in and what I do best, research. The material I found on the Internet was beyond wonderful. I could tell a story – about how wonderful and mysterious geography was (yes, I’m weird like that, speaking about geography at a coding camp) and how you could tie the various technologies together to create a simple mapping app. I did a dry ran on my poor colleagues at work and my session ran close to 2 hours – the allocated time for my talk was 50 minutes. The night before the event there was a social get-together for the speakers and volunteers and I enjoyed meeting up with a bunch of talented people with a similar passion for technology.

The day of the code camp, I was nervous as heck. I was waiting for Murphy’s Law to strike. However, as I started my session bright and early at 9am with the people still walking in with cups of coffee, everything was going according to plan. The room was packed. Past the couple of slides and people were actually paying attention to the slides, engaging in conversation and laughing at my (bad) jokes. Before I knew it, the session was over, I was out of time and unable to complete the last 2-3 slides.

The feedback to the talk was positive. Looking forward to doing more of these talks.

You can find the slides, scripts and code samples here


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