Complaining about website issues

I don’t like to comment on political discussions in public because it often raises emotions which inevitably leads to unproductive discussions. But of late, there has been a whole lot of discussion on a certain government website and that being right up my alley, it becomes interesting to me.

For the non-technical people close to me, there are a few points that stick out to me from these latest rounds of public discourse (if you can call it that) about the aforementioned website that I like to point out to them:

  • If you’re not familiar with web scale and usability issues, you should at least spend some time getting acquainted with it so you can present your arguments on website issues in a productive manner. Failing that, the parties involved will probably ad-hominem you out of the discussion.
  • You should also demand changes in the way I.T. Procurements happen at the state and federal level. It doesn’t matter which side of the aisle you belong to (except maybe the companies that I’m referring to), we all can agree that I.T. projects at the federal and state level are overpriced and under-deliver on value and changing the underhanded way in which these contracts are handed out would go a long way in helping fix this.
  • And finally, the important question is, should you be expending your energy attacking a website or would your energy be best expended on finding the shortcomings in the overall infrastructure that the website belongs to and improving/changing it. Just consider this tweet:

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