Ask for help

I needed a connection at certain venues to use as test bed for Vitrina. So I did something, I seldom do as a techie, asked for help – emails and phone calls to friends and acquaintances. After a dozen phone calls/emails, one of my friends finally gave me a contact who might know someone at the venue. Follow up with this contact on that yielded a potential contact high up in the organization that we were targeting. Then I used, Hoovers to obtain the phone and email address of this contact.

Whether this will lead to anything substantial is yet to be determined but it’s safe to say that no amount of material on my website and Google Ads would’ve yielded this contact. Point is – life at a startup is hard enough by itself, ask for help from friends and acquaintances¬† when you need it, don’t be stubborn and solely put your trust in the slacker’s motto.

Of course, this type of approach is not scalable but assuming this works initially we’ll happily take it.

Also, while we’re at it, I took one of the suggestions from last week and made this quick and dirty Vitrina promo video. I used GoAnimate and it probably took a grand total of 8 hours including researching animated video online tools, familiarizing with the tool, making a prototype, incorporating feedback and publishing to YouTube.


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