Vitrina goes to Orlando Tech

I submitted Spectrum Bridge to demo Vitrina at Orlando Tech – the largest tech meetup in the South East on November 20th 2014.


  • Exposure – never hurts to get your name in front of a group of over 2000 members
  • Feedback – to get a perspective of people outside of our team
  • Cross-pollination – share ideas between our team and other tech-minded people

We wanted to do a live demo of the Vitrina app which would mean we would have to run the app on an iPad and project it onto a larger screen using AirPlay. However, I was also prepped for Murphy – with a canned PowerPoint presentation on a macbook, just in case.
On the evening of the demo, we showed up an hour early. The Vitrina appliance and app were setup and ready to go in under 10 minutes. However, we had issues connecting our iPads to Reflector app on the Orlando Tech’s presentation macbook. So I decided to go with the Powerpoint.

The Presentation:
As if technical issues with our app not working over Airplay were not enough, we were told “no slides” which meant Powerpoint was out of question. So I went with demoing the web app part of the system which allows you to control and configure the behind-the-scenes. From there, with the tablet in my hand I was able to talk about the entire system in action and how it would benefit the user and the event/venue it serves. The presentation was by itself about 4 minutes long but if you’re not prepared or don’t have enough material/domain knowledge to talk about, this could seem like an eternity. Fortunately, for me, 4 minutes were too short, I could’ve easily gone for double the time.

Photo via Miguel

After each presentation, the product team is given a few minutes to field questions from the energetic audience. Same deal after all presentations are done, where all the presenters are called on the stage to answer questions jointly or individually. After all presentations and Q/A sessions are completed, individuals may approach the teams for demos, questions and feedback. We got plenty of constructive feedback.

Parting thoughts:

  • Every startup should use platforms like Orlando Tech to raise awareness of their work and also to elicit feedback. We’re very thankful for having this platform here outside of Silicon Valley and kudos to Orrett, Robb and other organizers for putting this together.
  • Audience at meetups like Orlando Tech can help the startups by not only providing valuable feedback and asking tough questions but also by helping make introductions to people they think could help that startup
  • When prepping for a presentation always pay some attention to presentation components not working
  • Orlando Tech could help with the above, e.g., on top of the Q/A session also have a session where startups share the problems they face in an open forum and other attendees either offer help or direct the startups to resources that may be useful. I witnessed this in action at True University where an app was introduced to a new market of millions of users stemming from this type of interaction. Always be helping.

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