Tampa Code Camp 2015

I attended and gave a speech at Tampa Code Camp 2015 which was hosted at the KForce Tampa office which was a great venue.


All speakers were invited to Speakers dinner at a sports bar in Ybor City, Tampa, which is a great location for social meetups. The dinner was hosted by Agilethought, who also handed out cool t-shirts for speakers to wear. Speakers dinners are always a great occasion to meet talented technologists and experts in various fields. If you’re ever invited to one, use this as a networking opportunity to meet some leaders and experts at the top of their field. I was joined by fellow ONETUG board member, Esteban, in repping the ONETUG community at #TampaCC.

On the day of Codecamp:

The event was keynoted by Tampa mayor, Bob Buckhorn, which is a pretty big deal for the tech community in general. *makes mental note for next year’s #OrlandoCC*

Sessions were similar to #OrlandoCC – 50 minutes long with 10 minute breaks in between. As a speaker, I always struggle with 50 minute sessions because there’s so much information to give and so little time.

My talk on Geospatial Data and Mapping for the .NET Developer was pretty well received but as always I discovered a couple of areas I could improve on. The best part of the talk was when a couple of attendees reached out to me after the talk and informed me that they were using the sample code from my same talk with ONETUG in a live project that they were currently working on. Travelling to and speaking at Codecamps and meetups is not the easiest thing ever but the best reward one can get out of it is someone actually implementing the technology you talked about.

Side note: I stayed overnight in a downtown Tampa hotel and uber‘ed like a champion between the venues for speaker dinner, Codecamp and my hotel. Each trip was no greater than $5 and each time I was able to get a ride between 1-5 minutes of wait. This definitely was better than trying to arrange rides, parking and having to worry about not drinking and driving. The idea of tech is to make our lives better without getting in between. For all it’s shortcomings, Uber has become a household name exactly for this reason


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