Global Azure Bootcamp 2016 – Orlando edition

The annual Orlando edition of Global Azure Bootcamp 2016 was held in Canvs on April 16 2016. Besides Microsoft, the event was also sponsored by NebbiaTech. Coming on the heels of Orlando Codecamp 2016 (which was just 2 weeks ago) we did not have much opportunity to advertise it, but still ended up with a pretty decent turnout.

Esteban kicked off the festivities with an introductory “A lap around Azure”

Next up was my talk on “Azure IAAS: Intro to Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks”. I started with the sample slide provided by Microsoft, and modified it to focus on building a VM and a network. I also threw in a Linux VM on the same network and got the two (Windows and Linux) machines to communicate with each other, symbolic of the new era of Microsoft.


We had an extensive discussion on SLA (service-level agreement) and some challenges with adding additional decimals to 99%  SLA. The talk was well received and generated a lot of discussion.

Following lunch, Brian Hall talked about Redis on Azure. Brian provided some really neat tips to get started on Redis. In addition, Brian has an useful wrapper for Redis and some code samples.

The last talk of the day was ARM templates by Esteban. One of the neat resources Esteban showed in his talk was the Azure QuickStart Templates, which have a wide variety of Azure ARM Templates and even neat features to deploy these templates directly to Azure and view them in diagram format.

Overall, the event was successful and generated some enthusiastic responses which makes us ask “why just once a year?”.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 1.49.23 AM

Update 1: Slides from the talk can be downloaded from our Github repo




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