How to make the most of #OrlandoCC


  • Make sure you sign up on the website, so organizers can get an accurate headcount.
  • Show up early, the right sized t-shirts always run out faster.
  • Build out your own agenda to optimize decision making during the event.
  • If you don’t like a session, move on to a different one
  • 50 minutes is a short time, use the sessions to pick up useful tips and resources on getting started
  • Try to attend sessions on topics you’re not familiar with. Learning something new could be a transformational experience. Allow for serendipity to happen
  • Questions are welcome but be respectful of the speakers’ and other attendees’ time
  • Invite your friends and coworkers to attend, learning is always fun with friends
  • Share your experiences on social media #OrlandoCC, tag the sponsors/speakers/organizers – they’re doing this voluntarily
  • Stay for the evening wrap-up and prizes
  • Attend the after party at Liam Fitzpatrick in Lake Mary
  • Be social


  • Show up and nice and early to get setup
  • This is a good opportunity to access a large talent pool, so mingle with the attendees during the event and at the after party
  • Provide some incentives for the attendees to stay in touch, make it memorable, if possible
  • After the event, reach out to anyone you may have come in contact with, in a personalized manner
  • Share your experiences on social media #OrlandoCC, tag the attendees/speakers/organizers – they’re doing this voluntarily
  • Make sure there is someone at your table at all points at least until 2-3pm, attendees may not follow a strict schedule
  • Hand out swag, attendees love this
  • Think of each interaction as an elevator pitch, make it count


  • Attend Speakers Party by AgileThought the night before
  • Check out the Speakers Tips section in this email for recommendations from the organizers
  • Share your experiences on social media #OrlandoCC, tag the attendees/sponsors/organizers – they’re doing this voluntarily
  • Keep an eye on the Agenda and schedule change announcements on Twitter
  • Have fun and mingle with the crowd, they’re here to see YOU!


  • Crosscheck with organizers on task timings
  • Attend Speakers Party the night before
  • Don’t overwork yourself – attend some sessions and mingle with the crowd

Makers Room:
Kevin Wolf is hosting a day long event for Makers and Hackers for the 2017 event. Make sure you stop by these special sessions and events.


Note: If you’re attending #OrlandoCC download the iPhone and Android mobile apps to keep up to date with Agenda and schedule changes.


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