Awarded Microsoft MVP Award in Azure for 2019-20

I got the confirmation this morning that I was awarded the Microsoft MVP award for 2019-20, my fourth. It’s a honor and privilege to be re-awarded this prestigious honor. My area of focus is Microsoft Azure. Congrats to all the new and renewed MVPs. If you were not renewed or left for other reasons, my thanks to everything you’ve done towards this community.

I look at this as a collective award that includes contributions and sacrifices by not only myself but also all of the above and opportunities provided to me by my family, CPM Christian Talavera, friend and mentor Esteban Garcia, the Azure team (special shout out to Cosmos DB team), fellow MVPs, the Orlando .NET User Group (ONETUG) community, the different conference organizers, people who attended my talks and event and my employer Nebbia – a New Signature Company.

Reflecting back, the past 12 months were extremely productive between speaking at user groups, and codecamps, many regional conferences and even an international one, organizing a Codecamp and Bootcamp, contributing to some product documentation, blogging, tweeting and related activities. The highlight was attending the Global MVP Summit in Redmond and meeting up with other MVPs and Microsoft teams and leaders.

All these are activities I enjoy doing anyway but to be recognized by Microsoft and the community is an exciting and humbling experience. This year, I hope to do more of the same while also increasing focus on long form content on Azure (videos, tutorials, blogposts, et al) with a focus on CosmosDB, PaaS, Serverless and DevOps.

If you made it this far and you’re not a MVP and are interested in attempting to become one, please reach out to me and I will be more than happy to review your contributions and give my $0.02 on the path forward on this journey.

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