My CodePaLOUsa 2019 recap

I was selected to speak at CodePaLOUsa 2019 for 2 talks:

  1. A gentle intro to Cosmos DB for the ASP.NET/SQL Server developer
  2. SQL is not an excuse to avoid DevOps

Since both of these talks were scheduled for Friday 23rd August, the final day of the conference and I was wrapping up a project, I did not get to Louisville until Thursday 22nd August. Upon arrival, I hit the speaker lounge which had these cool retro arcade games for entertainment. Note: my hand eye coordination was not what it used to be as a kid.

My first talk on Friday was titled “A gentle intro to Cosmos DB for the ASP.NET/SQL Server developer“. Having done multiple talks around the “Intro to Cosmos DB” theme, I had some points I wanted to stress on a few takeaways from my experience working with Cosmos DB, targeted as .NET and SQL Server stack developers/professionals. [Slides and Code]

My second talk (also on Friday) was titled “SQL is not an excuse to avoid DevOps“. This was my first attempt at this particular talk. The inspiration (and title) of this talk comes from an ACM article and the talk is largely targeted at the misgivings I have heard about DevOps on the database side of the world. [Slides and Code]

CodePaLOUsa was the more inclusive tech conference I’ve had the opportunity to speak at. This is evident by the number of talks and speakers the conference showcased on topics like accessibility. Even the name badges came with stickers for gender pronouns. The final evening of the conference was highlighted by a Toast to Women in Technology dinner.

Things to do around the conference venue: visit the 4th Street Live district across from the conference hotel and, in particular, my friend Jim. The Muhammad Ali center is also walking distance from the conference venue.

I had a great time at CodePaLOUsa and will definitely be applying to speak there again

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