What I learned from a troll

Last year when we hosted the Orlando edition of Global Azure Bootcamp, we also decided to try our luck with live streaming on Twitch. Unfortunately, the first (and only) interaction during that stream was a troll.

The one thing I did well (at least I think I did well) was to be kind but firm in my interaction with this troll. When that was clearly not working, I ended up banning this person from the stream and have never had issues since *knocks on wood*.

This incident reminded me of the “some men just want to watch the world burn” quote from the movie The Dark Knight (which is one of the most quotable movies of all time FWIW, but I digress).


So what I learned from dealing with the troll that day was: some people like to be difficult just for fun. There is an abundance of these types of bad faith actors in this day and age, thanks to the Internet. Cutting out people acting in bad faith and not giving them a platform, while keeping your humanity intact, is ultimately the best course of action.

While we’re talking about streaming, I’ll also point people to my post on how to setup Twitch streaming for under $200.

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