On remote work and time zones

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with a client on the opposite coast. However, this presented its own set of challenges, the primary one being dealing with time zones. So, I naturally learned to adjust my communication to factor in time zones since it would be embarrassing for me to schedule a 2pm call… Continue reading On remote work and time zones

I made the 2018 TechBeacon DevOps Top 100 list…

... but I actively hid it from people (until now), because, imposter syndrome. Back in June, a tweet tagged me informing me that I'd been honored by being selected to this list. Sure I'd heard of TechBeacon and their top 100 lists so I responded with a simple "Thank you. It's an honor" response. https://twitter.com/_s_hari/status/1006259287671308288… Continue reading I made the 2018 TechBeacon DevOps Top 100 list…

How attending one tech event probably changed my career and life

In late 2001/early half of 2002 (I don't remember the exact date), Microsoft held a launch party for Visual Studio at FSU - one that was well hyped among the students. I distinctly remember attending and getting a free copy of Visual Studio which included among other features - a new language named  C# (new to… Continue reading How attending one tech event probably changed my career and life


"Years of experience" = vanity metrics. When software teams search for new team members to add, most, if not all, such search filters involve "years of experience" and a large laundry list of skills as focal points. Using this concoction of "years of experience" and laundry list of skills as filter is a tricky proposition. Most tools can… Continue reading Experience-as-a-vanity-metric