How attending one tech event probably changed my career and life

In late 2001/early half of 2002 (I don't remember the exact date), Microsoft held a launch party for Visual Studio at FSU - one that was well hyped among the students. I distinctly remember attending and getting a free copy of Visual Studio which included among other features - a new language named  C# (new to… Continue reading How attending one tech event probably changed my career and life

How to make the most of #OrlandoCC

Attendee: Make sure you sign up on the website, so organizers can get an accurate headcount. Show up early, the right sized t-shirts always run out faster. Build out your own agenda to optimize decision making during the event. If you don't like a session, move on to a different one 50 minutes is a short time,… Continue reading How to make the most of #OrlandoCC

Why all early stage startups should get #Bizspark (w/#MSDN and #Azure)

Earlier last week, I was talking to a friend who wants to build a website to list and sell equipment in a niche market. When I mentioned the benefits of Microsoft Bizspark this person was surprised at the number of ways a Bizspark subscription could benefit them. As someone working with startups for the better… Continue reading Why all early stage startups should get #Bizspark (w/#MSDN and #Azure)

Global Azure Bootcamp 2016 – Orlando edition

The annual Orlando edition of Global Azure Bootcamp 2016 was held in Canvs on April 16 2016. Besides Microsoft, the event was also sponsored by NebbiaTech. Coming on the heels of Orlando Codecamp 2016 (which was just 2 weeks ago) we did not have much opportunity to advertise it, but still ended up with a pretty… Continue reading Global Azure Bootcamp 2016 – Orlando edition

Tampa Code Camp 2015

I attended and gave a speech at Tampa Code Camp 2015 which was hosted at the KForce Tampa office which was a great venue. Pre-Codecamp: All speakers were invited to Speakers dinner at a sports bar in Ybor City, Tampa, which is a great location for social meetups. The dinner was hosted by Agilethought, who also… Continue reading Tampa Code Camp 2015