Handling accented characters searches

I build dual language systems - English and Spanish. It's my first time building a system in any language other than English and I came across this interesting issue the other day. https://twitter.com/_s_hari/status/953732335073144833 Let's take the name Martinez for this example. I've seen it entered with different case alphabets (upper, lower, mixed, Pascal) and also… Continue reading Handling accented characters searches


How to find outgoing IP addresses for Azure Logic Apps

Let's say you have an Azure Logic app which needs to access resources on the client's on-premise network and the administrator for the 3rd party network wants to only allow specific IP addresses/ranges (a perfectly reasonable request), how will you accomplish this? Let's consider a couple of scenarios: Scenario 1: You have the Azure Logic… Continue reading How to find outgoing IP addresses for Azure Logic Apps

How to send daily SMS messages with Azure Logic Apps and Twilio – no code required

Recently, I had to transition from a legacy messaging provider to Twilio for sending SMS messages and found it ridiculously simple. Also, the built-in hooks between different Azure services and Twilio appeared to have reduced the integration process to a few button clicks instead of code.  Based on this experience, I wanted to show how easy it was to send a daily SMS message with zero coding.

Trying out the new Estimation Tool for Azure DocumentDB Resource Units

One of the major questions, while provisioning an Azure DocumentDB collection is "How many Resource Units should I provision for the collection"? Request Units (RUs), of course, is a measure of guaranteed throughput of the Azure DocumentDB Collection. While provisioning these collections, the minimum limit appears to be 400 RUs. So I was curious about… Continue reading Trying out the new Estimation Tool for Azure DocumentDB Resource Units

Why all early stage startups should get #Bizspark (w/#MSDN and #Azure)

Earlier last week, I was talking to a friend who wants to build a website to list and sell equipment in a niche market. When I mentioned the benefits of Microsoft Bizspark this person was surprised at the number of ways a Bizspark subscription could benefit them. As someone working with startups for the better… Continue reading Why all early stage startups should get #Bizspark (w/#MSDN and #Azure)

Why can’t I ping my #Azure #IaaS VM? – Part 2

Continued from Part 1 2. I can’t ping an Azure Windows Virtual Machine from another Virtual Machine within the same Virtual Network Consider two windows machines VM1 ( and VM2 ( within the same subnet of the same virtual network on Azure For out-of-the-box Azure windows VMs, any attempt to ping one of the VMs… Continue reading Why can’t I ping my #Azure #IaaS VM? – Part 2