How to make the most of #OrlandoCC

Attendee: Make sure you sign up on the website, so organizers can get an accurate headcount. Show up early, the right sized t-shirts always run out faster. Build out your own agenda to optimize decision making during the event. If you don't like a session, move on to a different one 50 minutes is a short time,… Continue reading How to make the most of #OrlandoCC


So you want to hold a Codecamp?

You need a network, a date, a venue, speakers, attendees, sponsors, volunteers and KISS. A. No lone rangers - No one is ever going to attend a Codecamp thrown by Santosh Hari. They will accept an invitation from Santosh Hari on behalf of ONETUG, one of the most respected and longest running user groups in… Continue reading So you want to hold a Codecamp?