Why can’t I ping my #Azure #IaaS VM? – Part 1

Anyone doing work with infrastructure probably uses ping (at least unofficially) to troubleshoot network connectivity. However, while working with Azure infrastructure, ping, by default, does not work. There are a couple of scenarios to consider: 1. I can't ping my Azure Windows Virtual Machine from my laptop (or any location outside of Azure) 2. I… Continue reading Why can’t I ping my #Azure #IaaS VM? – Part 1

Here’s what Microsoft can do to alleviate bloatware issues

Machines running the Microsoft Windows operation systems have been the victims of bloatware since times immemorial. Most of these bloatware software install local services running in the background, think iTunes, Google update, Java update and Adobe update. My suggestion is that Microsoft come up with a system where anyone who seeks to install these services… Continue reading Here’s what Microsoft can do to alleviate bloatware issues